Consultation About the University’s Resilience Within the Context of COVID-19

The University’s Resilience Project Team invites students, staff, faculty, and librarians to provide input about how the University can adapt to become more resilient, based on the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On March 4, 2022, the Vice-President and Provost established the University’s Resilience Project Team (RPT). The RPT would like to hear from you with the goal of understanding how the University might be able to adapt its practices, processes, and policies to become a more resilient institution.

Since March 2020, there have been many initiatives created across the University to adapt to the changes introduced by COVID-19. While we continue through this time of transitions, we have a unique opportunity to learn from our recent experiences to enhance how the University functions in the future. As you reflect upon these past two years, we are interested in getting your input about innovations, initiatives, or practices that occurred within your campus/Faculty/division or unit/department that you might recommend to others if the University were to find itself in a similar situation in the future, or even just to improve the way we do things under regular circumstances.

To provide input through the online consultation form, students, staff, faculty, and librarians will need to login using their UTORid (via the Give Feedback button below). For any questions or technical assistance, please complete the Service Now form.


This form is administered directly by the University and your UTORid will be used to determine your primary group membership at the University (e.g., student, faculty, or staff), as well as your primary campus affiliation (i.e., UTM, St. George, or UTSC).

Information gathered via this form will be anonymized before it is shared in confidence with the Resilience Project Team. Input will not be attributed to individuals. A summary of the responses will be shared with senior administrators to inform decisions regarding which initiatives to maintain and to identify areas for growth and improvement.

All data will be stored on a UofT server for no more than one year from the survey’s completion.

Thank you for your interest in providing feedback. The online consultation form is now closed (September 30, 2022).